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We are a team of elite obstacle race athletes who have taken responsibility for getting better results on the course.


As athletes, TORC members are at the top of the game and have the talent to finish on the podium at the world level.


We are a diverse group of racers who excel at distances from short course to 24 hours. 


As a team, we will drive the sports results to a higher level through a dedicated support system during training and competition.  Our collaborative efforts will pave the way to greater outcomes.


In the spirit of endurance teams before us, such as The Bowerman Track Club or Hanson Elite, TORC believes that we can get better results through our shared knowledge and training experience. 


It is our job as athletes to push our sport forward. We are committed and accountable for developing each other into better competitors. 


We strive to inspire OCR athletes to elevate their efforts to help the long-term growth of the sport.


Our mission is to collaborate to improve our training and race day performance. 

We strive to inspire others to elevate their commitment as athletes to grow the OCR community.



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