We are a positive influence as athletes and a reliable source of information for the OCR community. We want to help athletes push themselves to achieve their goals and to promote the obstacle racing community. 


  • We collaborate to discover new and best ways to train for OCR to share with the community.

  • We work hard to push ourselves to the limit while maintaining balance for those around us. 

  • We aim to inspire OCR athletes through our work ethic, gritty performances, and our fun-loving style outside of the sport.

  • We share the process of improvements and the perils of training and setbacks to help pave the way for the athletes that follow. 

  • We approach every race with the intent to put ourselves in the best place possible but celebrate our accomplishments no matter the outcome. 

  • We sustain a community to help support the hard drivers of the sport so that the competition can elevate as the sport grows. 

  • We are at the forefront of a sport that is bigger than we are. We are pressing things forward so we can provide the proper guidance and inspiration to those that follow. 

  • We are dead serious about training and racing but we enjoy the process and have fun no matter the outcome.   

The Obstacle Racing Collaboration TORC

The Obstacle Racing Collaboration TORC