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Jamie Brusa

Jamie Brusa knows a lot.

She knows how to run fast as a division 1 runner at the University of Illinois and as a USATF Level 2 coach.

She knows how to execute a race plan with 12th place finishes at Spartan North American Championship and Spartan Race World Championships in 2019.

Plus, with a PhD in Biology, she knows a ton about bottlenose dolphins.

Jamie is the most cerebral and talented OCR athlete, and since training for OCR in 2017, she has seen big results and will continue to climb the ranks as one top athletes to watch in 2021.

For evidence-based advice on how to improve your running and beautiful Montana mountainscapes, give Jamie a follow @brusier_ocr.

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Lacey Bourgois

Lacey Bourgois is making moves.

With 20 OCR podiums to her name and a 10th place overall finish in the 2019 Spartan Race US national series, Lacey has already seen success in the sport since starting in 2017.

Moving from the Twin Cities to the mountain of Colorado Springs, Lacey is positioning herself to improve on the elevation, trails, and altitude required for many Spartan Races.

Lacey is a talented running (62 min 10 mile PR) and avid climber, which gives her the perfect skill set for OCR.

Be on the lookout for a massive 2021 and follow her progress @bourgoisla

Nick Ryker.jpg
Nick Ryker

Nick has all the skills.

You can consider Nick a runner - kind of.

He ran throughout high school and qualified for the JUCO Track and Field nationals in the 1500 as a collegiate athlete. Plus, He has run sub 4:30 on a road mile, so he has real talent. Nick loves to run, but even more, he loves to compete.

An avid intermuralist and player of all spots, Nick has found his area of genius in OCR. Racking up 22 career spartan podiums and becoming a member of the Spartan pro team in 2020. Nick has all of the tools to get next-level results.

Recently moving to Nashville, TN, to train in the trails of Percy Warner. For Nick, the next jump is the podium in the USNS.


Follow Nick for OCR stuff and listen to his bachelorette podcast @nryker5 

Annie Dube 4.jpeg
Annie Dube

Annie Dube hates boring.


Running is great, and running fast times is also cool, but it proved not to be enough for Annie.


While training for the Boston Marathon, Annie decided to jump into her first Spartan race in 2018. And from there, she was hooked.


She was an immediate force finishing top 10 in multiple @spartanrace USNS series events and totaling eight podiums to her name.


Originally from the Mitten (Michigan), she now lives and trains in Southern California, exploring the mountain and getting really, really good at OCR.


Follow @mountainrunninggirl for photos awesome mountain adventures throughout California. 

Erin Rost OCR_3.JPG
Erin Rost

Erin Rost has the perfect recipe.

Erin is not a runner - she is the epitome of an athlete.

She has a wide-ranging level of abilities, including a division 1 soccer player, a pro-rated skydiver, and an amateur bodybuilder.

Erin has a vast amount of athletics experience and talent.

Once you factor in an absurd amount of toughness, you have one of the best ultra athletes in the sport. 

Erin wants to go to the places that no one else wants to travel to. She wants things to be nasty so that the entire competition is hurting. She knows she can hurt more and for longer than anyone on the course.

Since starting in 2018, she has racked up top two second-place finishes in WTM, and podium finishes at the enduro world championships.

Follow Erin @womazonia

Nick Mazsk.jpg
Nic Maszk

Nic is going all in.

Nic Maszk turned heads when he beat some of the best athletes in the sport to win the 2019 Seattle Beast. Winning any Spartan race is a big accomplishment.

Nic wants to run with the best of them, and he is capable of doing just that. Training in the mountains of La Grande, OR, Nic has a passion for doing well on the trails and the ability to run fast on flats (4:20 mile and 24:29 8k - fast).

Nic joins TORC because he has fully bought into the sport of OCR and is ready to take his abilities and push the top athletes in the sport. Follow Nic @nicmaszk.

Josh Riedinger 1.jpg
Josh Ried

Do you know Ja_Shua Ried?


You probably do - but if you don't, here is the word.


Josh comes to the sport with a background in drinking monster energy drinks, riding BMX bikes, and lifting weights.


Josh was not always the beacon of health, but he has transformed his body and mind to be one of the best OCR athletes and trail runners in the Northeast.


Living in the Catskill mountains, Josh has put in the work on the small things that have added up to big results. When most people obsess about lowering their 5k or increasing their pull-ups, Josh took an approach to work on his skills as a runner and changed his nutrition to optimize every aspect of endurance.


It's not enough for Josh to go out and work hard - but he lives to improve all pieces to improve his results and wellness.


Landing on the podium at pretty much any race in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic area and a top-five finishes at WTM, Josh will be a force on the national stage in 2021. 

Follow Josh @ja_shua_ried

Rich Ryan.jpeg
Rich Ryan

Rich Ryan claims that he can outlift anyone who can beat him in a race and outrun anyone who can lift more than him.  So OCR is perfect.

Testing his talents last year for the first time by racing in the Spartan Race USNS, finishing in the top 10 in two races (10th place counts as top 10) and landing in 10th place overall, Rich has proved to himself that he belongs with the best athletes in the sport.


Living in Philadelphia, PA, Rich spends a lot of time running on the roads and running fast.


Rich made the Most of his 2020 by dropping two-lifetime PRs in the 5k (15:05) and the 10 mile (51:27) he feels his fitness is among the best in the sport and be on the lookout for a big jump in results come 2021. 


Follow Rich @reinforced_running_rich for photos of dachshunds and updates for the Reinforced Running podcast.

Mark Gaudet.JPG
Mark Gaudet

Mark Gaudet like terrible things.


Mark once claimed that his favorite vent would be a 12-mile ruck and that no one can beat him in something like that. And I believe him.


On top of his ability to carry shit without getting tired, Mark has massive range a high level running from a 15:30 5k  to a 6:12:37 for 50 miles.


Mark uses his range to get big results, including a 16th place finish at the Spartan World Championship in 2019 and top 5 finish at WTM, and top 10 finish in the Army Best Ranger Competition.


One of the only athletes having a good 2020, including the @runningpublic burpee 10k win (45:38), second place at the @obstacleracemedia Ultra Virus 12 race (85 miles), and a 10 mile PR (52:04), so be on the lookout for Mark to explode in 2021.


A military man, Mark currently lives and trains in Alexandria, Virginia, where you can catch him running the streets before the sun comes up.


Follow Mark @Markgaudet

Screen Shot 2020-12-01 at 10.06.01
Logan Broadbent

Logan is a master of all trades.


Logan Broadbent is a high achiever. Whatever he goes after, he will be one of the best—a world champion competitive boomerang athlete, American ninja warrior, and of course, Obstacle course racer.


Logan had a stellar season in 2019. He racked up top finishes in races like Palmerton, Indiana, and a top ten (9th) finish at Spartan Race North American Championships and top twenty (17th) at Spartan Race World Championships.


Logan's talent and skill will alone keep him on his upward trajectory.


Follow Logan for Boomerang, ninja warrior, and running stuff @logan.broadbent

Lillie Elkin.JPG
Lillie Elkin

Lillie is the future.


Lillie Elkin believes she is built for this sport. She has grit and is determined to take her results to the next elve as a professional OCR athlete.


In 2019 Lillie cleaned up the championships (North American and World Champion) in the 18-24 age group last year and decided to make the full-time leap to elite. In the only USNS race of 2020, Lillie took 5th place at the sprint in Jacksonville. So she clearly has the chops to race with the best in the world.


Lillie is strong, fast, and most important - tough.


Training out of Montana, she is part of the next wave of athletes arriving in the sport and will establish herself as one of the athletes to beat for years to come.


Follow Lillie @lillieelkin_spartanocr

Vince Paikowski 3.png
Vince Paikowski

Vince has all the tools for the job.


Vince Paikowiski comes to the sport as a talented runner who is ready for a new challenge. Sporting impressive PRs on the road and track and with a military background, he has the grit and grip strength to slide into the highest competition level.


Living and training in Columbus, Georgia, look for Vince to make a splash in the South East in 2021. Follow Vince @vpaikowski

Crystal Bacon 1.png
Crystal Bacon

Crystal Bacon is making the leap.


Crystal joins TORC with a pedigree in road and cross country running, touting impressive personal records of 16:50 5k, 57:06 10 mile, and a 2:44 marathon.

Crystal has accomplished giant markers in her running career, including winning the prestigious Broad Street Run 10 miler in Philadelphia and Qualifying for the marathon Olympic trials.


With a degree in exercise science, Crytal knows the strength training value for endurance performance and loves the run on the trails. After competing in the Olympic trials in 2020, Crystal is ready for a new challenge, and OCR calls her.

Follow crystal @cmb9725 to watch her journey.

Shaun Stephens-Whale.jpg
Shaun Stephens-Whale

Shaun can run them all - from the track to towers, to mountains, to OCR.

A constant in Shaun Stephens-Wale's life is taking on and dominating endurance endeavors. Shaun's competitive edge and his work ethic proven that he will get high-level results in any arena.

As a two-time member of the Canadian national mountain running team, Spartan pro team, and a record-setting tower running (that means running upstairs in a building like a damn mad man) it's proven that Shaun will bust your ass in anything.

Living in Squamish, BC, Shaun logs kilometers of distance on the mountains and road. Don't be fooled by his Canadian niceness - because he will rip your heart right out.

Follow Shaun for running scenery and ninja gym displays @verticalrunning_eh

Lauren Longfield (1).jpeg
Lauren Longfield

Lauren Longfield is a rising star.


Lauren grew up riding horses and competed at a national level in show jumping and dressage. She spent five years in the gym as a bodybuilding athlete, which taught her the value of hard work and discipline (plus she's super strong).


Lauren knows the results that hard work will produce. She wants to outwork everyone.


Lauren just started her career as an endurance athlete in 2018 and immediately fell in love with the ultra distance. She also is an avid dirt bike rider and snowboarder - so when it comes to technical trails and downhills, she is not afraid to send  it.


Lauren has established five FKTs in the Tri-state area in 2020 and has four elite Spartan podiums to her name (with two wins).


Lauren lives and trains in Northern, NJ. Be on the lookout for Lauren in the Ultra world in 2021, and if you want to feel bad about your work ethic, give @laurenashleeyy a follow.